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1.Material: Yoga ball: PVC.2.Design: Safe load-bearing 150 kg, automobile tire explosion-proof material, safe and odor-free. The material is made by 14 processes, 3 times of raw material foaming, 5 times of filtration, 6 times of proportioning process, car tires explosion-proof material. Sectional honeycomb mesh Shaped environmentally friendly PVC, 0.14 mm thick, prolong service life and double safety.3. Package includes: 1* Yoga ball, 1* Pump,1* Air pull, 1* Air lock Size: 85cmSpecifications: Choose the correct ball according to your height. 85cm is suitable for height over 190cm, 75cm is suitable for 180-190cm, 168-180cm is suitable for 65cm, 55cm is suitable for 150-168cm, 45cm (less than 150cm) . Various colors are available. Choose the one you like and start a healthy life immediately.