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KIDS SIZE MAT (Age 4-9) CAN LEARN YOGA EASILY & EFFORTLESSLY WITH STEP BY STEP PICTURES, VIDEOS, & FREE APP - More than just a mat! It's an educational mat and program that turns Yoga into a fun game and great workout! Kids love it! The mat comes with easy to follow How-To Game Poster, and provides you with access to a free online videos and FREE APP detailing each of the exercises so you'll always know what to do, and feel perfectly aligned!
- MINDFUL BASED LEARNING TO IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY, MOTOR-COORDINATION, PHYSICAL ALIGNMENT, & WELLBEING - Practicing with the Yoga Mat Game will help you to increase strength and flexibility, stay engaged for longer, and relieve stress. Our symbols system is designed to help improve posture, body confidence, and physical alignment for growing bodies. Also fosters cross neural development, and spatial awareness. Includes breathing and meditation which helps to both calm and energize. Chi Activate!