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- The yoga ball balance made from environmental-friendly material. And, the bottom of our half ball balance trainer has the wave non-slip base & 6 slip-resistant feet can improve user stability, you to safely stand, jump, kneel, or lay on this balance trainer, achieving a completely worry free workout.
- As you can see from the picture, the resistance bands handles with soft foam, can protect your hands, reduce vibration and hand blister. And the pump can let you easy to inflate and deflate for the balance balls for exercise , save the value space, and convenient let you to take out to gym, office, wherever you like.
- You can use the balance trainer half ball do push-ups, deep squats, sit-ups, reverse extension, and some yoga pose like chair pose, bridge pose, tree pose, even meditation, whatever you like. All in all, the half ball balance trainer is the perfect tool for fitness.
- Our half ball balance trainer using barrier-type explosion-proof technology, when the ball meets a sharp object punctured, it can tightly pull the damaged edge to prevent blasting, improve users' stability. The workout ball still be safety, during use even when you're sweaty.