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- Exercise ball is a pro grade fitness ball which great for various active exercises, such as Yoga, Pilates, Core Strength or CrossFit, can enhance your muscle strength, increase aerobic endurance, increase strength and control body weight.
- The versatility of our stability ball is beyond the scope of exercise. It can also perform posture correction, abdominal development, playing therapy, sitting at the desk as a chair, birthing exercise or postpartum recovery exercise.
- Made of non-toxic PVC materials, free of BPA & heavy metals. Different from other exercise balls, we have adopted a new anti-burst technology. When it is accidentally punctured by sharp objects, it will not pop up or burst like a balloon. Instead, it will deflate slowly and protect you from injury during strenuous exercise or as an office chair.
- Whether you use it as a fitness ball, fitness ball, yoga ball, Swiss ball, physiotherapy ball, sitting ball, maternity ball or ordinary fitness ball, you can lie, bounce, roll or lift it, its tactile lines and smooth surface can provide a comfortable, non-slip contact for your skin without feeling sticky. Every package will contain a quick air pump, which makes inflation much easier, saving your time and energy.