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- We recommend buying two blocks so you can use them for seated postures and arm balance work as well
Block Size: 3 Inch: 9" x 6" x 3"(23 x 15 x 7.6cm); Single block weight: 7.4oz/210g (high density). Material: Premium Eco eva makes this yoga block lightweight, durable, non-slip, and odor Resistant
- Yoga block aid yogis to get into postures and stances that they would otherwise find difficult to do. Yoga blocks are excellent props, especially if you still haven’t developed the flexibility and suppleness required. Help individuals feel comfortable while performing their exercises as well as help improve their body alignment. With the aid of yoga blocks, you can now stretch, strengthen and align your body without causing much strain to the other muscles.
- The most popular kind of yoga block, the foam yoga block is the one most commonly used in yoga studios. It’s affordable and usually comes in a variety of colors. Foam yoga blocks are best for yogis looking for versatility and convenience. For the mobile yogi who moves around, the foam yoga block is the best choice for you. It’s lightweight and easy to carry in your bag as you zip around.