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- Cork yoga blocks can be used in a variety of positions, as standard blocks, wedge blocks and handstand blocks to support your different postures. including forward, backward, and sideways to expand exercise routines. made of natural solid cork, Practice safer, more correct.
- Our Heavy- Sturdy Volcano Cork Yoga Blocks offer better balance and control, supporting joints in the elbow, wrists, knees, and shoulders, More stable and safer than foam blocks, more importantly- Will not deform like foam yoga blocks, causing muscle strain.
- Cork Yoga wedge blocks can also be used for stretching, squats, pushups, planks, physical therapy, calf stretch, squat, stretch, push-up, deepen poses, pilates, workout, and other Exercise.
- The wide, flat bottom for yogis to well support; different angle, comfort during all your upper and lower body exercises. You will use it sooner or later in sports, add it to the shopping cart and use it immediately.